About Us

We love to turn ideas into beautiful systems.

GTSoft is a privately owned software development company founded in 1998.
We are developing new software products in the field of artificial intelligence, therapeutic medicine, and image processing.

Recent Projects

Software Platform for Windows PC Based Emdedded Systems

GTSoft has designed a Windows based software platform for diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound systems, which was successfully used in multiple commercial products:

  • Ulthera System - a therapeutic ultrasound medical device by Ulthera, Inc., which is the first and only in-office aesthetics device that combines visualization beneath the skin’s surface with non-invasive treatment at depths that enable significant lifting of the skin.

  • Several therapeutic ultrasound prototype systems designed by
    Guided Therapy Systems, LLC.

  • Voyager, Spark, Seeker - ultrasound diagnostic systems by Ardent Sound, Inc.

Image Processing Algorithms

GTSoft has designed a number of image processing algorithms for medical ultrasound and photoraphy.

  • ArdentView - image enhancement software package by Ardent Sound, Inc.

More systems coming soon

We have a number of hybrid systems (mobile + desktop + cloud) projects under development.
More information will be posted as soons as any of the products is released to the public.